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Welcome to CLUB1 english page.

As it is a french based server, most of our readers are located in France, that is why this website has not been designed as a multi-lingual website but as a french only website.

Anyway, this page is here to compensate this lack of language inclusivity.

For example, you may want to know : What is CLUB1 ?

Community hosting

CLUB1 is two things : A server, located near Paris in France and a community around it, mostly based in France. The server allow their members to have a personnal space on it, where they can host websites, databases, emails, calendar, contacts or any type of file. Full list of services can be found on the website  services page (in French but easy to understand) and the  documentation (mostly translated in English) contains detailed information about them (help in  translating it would be appreciated).
CLUB1 is a member of the C.H.A.T.O.N.S. collective.

Matrix instance

Beside that, the server also host a Matrix server, an instant messaging server, that is free to join and use !

What is Matrix ?
register an account on CLUB1 server using Element web interface
sign in using CLUB1 Element web interface


You can contact us using Email at the following address

We also love to talk on Matrix, you can say hello in the room