6. Frequently asked questions#

Answers to frequently asked questions about the CLUB1 server.


How do I change my CLUB1 member password?#

At this time, the only way to change your CLUB1 member password is to run the passwd command from an SSH connection.


If you connect to CLUB1 in SSH for the first time from your personal computer, there is a tutorial to help you make your first SHH connection.

Is it possible to modify my CLUB1 identifier?#

There is currently nothing done to allow members to modify their CLUB1 identifier. Indeed this identifier is widely used at different levels, especially for email addresses, static web pages and databases.

Can I host my emails at CLUB1 with my domain name and create many independent addresses?#

Short Answer: NO

Long answer: CLUB1 provides one email box per member account with a main address and all its sub-addresses. It is possible to create custom alias on demand, but not to create additional mailboxes.

What space do I occupy on the server?#

Except for emails, there are ** no quota defined for personal spaces**.

For an estimate of the space occupied by your personal files, the following command can be run once connected with SSH:

du -shx

If you want to reduce the weight of your folder, but you don’t know where to start, the ncdu command is for you! It allows you to sort and highlight what takes the most space in your files and folders.

Finally, to know the remaining space available on the storage medium, this last command can be used:

df -h .

This information is also visible in the MOTD, when you log in with SSH through a terminal. Or on the Drive, at the bottom of the side panel.