6. Frequently asked questions#

Answers to frequently asked questions about the CLUB1 server.


How do I change my CLUB1 member password?#

At this time, the only way to change your CLUB1 member password is to run the passwd command from an SSH connection.


If you connect to CLUB1 in SSH for the first time from your personal computer, there is a tutorial to help you make your first SHH connection.

Is it possible to modify my CLUB1 identifier?#

Il n’y a rien de prévu actuellement pour permettre aux membres de modifier leur identifiant CLUB1. En effet cet identifiant est assez largement utilisé à différents niveaux, notamment pour les adresses email, les pages Web statiques et les bases de données.

Can I host my emails at CLUB1 with my domain name and create many independent addresses?#

Short Answer: NO

Long answer: CLUB1 provides one email box per member account with a main address and all its sub-addresses. It is possible to create custom alias on demand, but not to create additional mailboxes.