General information#

The Club1 server allows its members to host different types of web projects. But it is also a community of people interested in the notions of web spaces, freedoms and web exploration.

Requests and problems#

If you find a bug 🐛, a service seems to be unavailable 😵 or you have a suggestion 💡, don’t hesitate to let us know! You are first invited to explore the forum 🔍, to check that the subject has not already been discussed. If this is not the case, you can, according to your preferences:

  • Open a ticket by creating a post on the forum .

  • Send an email to

  • Discuss it on Matrix via More specific rooms are dedicated to the website and the doc. They are listed within the space.

Server infos#

It lives in the closet like Harry Potter

it’s the server.

Hardware and infrastructure#

The server is self-hosted in Pantin, France. It is connected to internet by optical fiber with average rates of 200Mb/s in upload and 500Mb/s in download. The internet connection is provided by Bouygues Telecom.

Technical characteristics#

  • Intel Atom C3000

  • 16 Go DDR4 ECC

  • Storage:

    • 300 GB System SSD

    • 1 TB User SSD

Operating system#

The server runs on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) and is updated regularly. Security updates are installed automatically within 24 hours using unattended-upgrades and the services depending on it are then automatically restarted using needrestart.

Installed software and libraries#

All the installed software is under free license, except for the following list, for which there is no free alternative:

  • Supermicro BIOS/BMC

  • Intel Microcode

A significant number of software and libraries are already installed. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

Apache       2.4
MariaDb     10.5
PHP          7.4
Python       3.8
NodeJs      10.19
Composer     1.10
pip         20.0
npm          7.5
phpMyAdmin   4.9
git          2.25
borg         1.1
rsync        3.1
unison       2.48

If you wish an additional software to be installed, please check first that it is not already present, then, if not, create a ticket as explained above.


In order to guarantee a certain availability, the server as well as the network equipment are powered by an UPS. However, since redundancy is not present at all levels, the server may be inaccessible for short periods of time, for example during a kernel update. That said, an effective availability above 98% should be ensured.

The status of the various services can be consulted online at this address:


backup status

System and user data are backed up once a day at 5am. Backups are made with Borg. They are thus stored in a deduplicated and encrypted manner in several places including an off-site repository offered by Etienne Le Louët (self-hosted OMV server in Paris).

These are incremental backups with the following retention policy:

  • 7 daily backups

  • 4 weekly backups

The oldest backup kept is therefore about 1 month old and each day of the last week is accessible. In case of hardware failure, a maximum of 24 hours of data will be lost. The successful completion of backups is verified using the service

Backups are divided into two groups:

  1. System for server configuration, application files and databases.

  2. Userdata for the data of the personal space (home folder).

See also

The journal article Sauvegardes (in French)

Members accounts#


The username must respect the regex ^[a-z\-]{3,16}$. It is possible to check that a name respects it using regex101.

This identifier is mainly used internally for the connection to the services and is therefore not especially visible from outside. It is however present in the CLUB1 email address assigned by default to members and in automatic URLs such as those of static sites and git repositories.

Account Terms#

Each entity (person or group), can host as many projects as it wishes within reason.

A member account therefore includes:

  • SSD storage space

  • more hard disk space (on request)

  • FTP access

  • SSH access (for advanced users)

  • SQL databases (MariaDb)

  • free creation of subdomains (on request)

  • the use of domain names rented via registrars

  • un accès à la room matrix réservée aux membres pour le suivi et l’assistance aux projets

For now, the chosen format is membership, with a lifetime fee of 35€.