Email messaging#

Each member has an email box with a personal email address. The adress is composed of the login, followed by For instance, the address of michel is


In addition to the primary address, members have the option to use subaddresses. Subaddresses are like aliases. By default, they redirect to the primary address. All addresses of the form member+[...] are subaddresses of

For example, all emails sent to will be redirected to

These addresses may seem useless at first glance. But combined with automatic forwarding and automatic filters, they become very interesting.


For automatic forwarding of a particular subaddress, a .formward+[...] file is used instead of the .forward file of the main address.

For example, to redirect only the address it must be done in the file .forward+travail.

See also

The official documentation of the recipient_delimiter option

Web client#

A Web client provided by Roundcube is available at

It allows you to manage and send emails as well as configure filters to automatically sort incoming emails.

But it also allows access to CLUB1 calendars and address-books synchronized with WebDAV.

Data storage#

All email data is stored as files in the mail folder of your personal space. This folder respects the Maildir standard, so it is possible to access it directly from an email client supporting this standard, for example after making a backup of the folder on a personal computer.

On the server, the CLI client Mutt is preconfigured to consult this folder by default. To use it, you must start by connecting in SSH to the CLUB1 server then run the following command:


Miscellaneous details#

Some additional information about certain details of CLUB1’s email service.

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Special folders#

The special folders use standard names, so they will be automatically recognized by the vast majority of email clients. In case they are not, here is the complete list:

  • INBOX: received messages

  • Drafts: drafts being written

  • Sent: sent messages

  • Junk: SPAMs (automatically deleted after 60 days)

  • Trash: trash (automatically deleted after 60 days)

  • Archive: archived messages


The mail folder is subject to a quota of 5 GB. This decision was made to encourage the deletion of old emails.

The maximum size of emails (received and sent) is 25 MB. If an email exceeds this size, it will be refused and the sender will be notified with the error message: Message size exceeds fixed limit or 552: 5.3.4 Error: message file too big.

Automatic forwarding#

It is possible to automatically forward the emails you receive to your CLUB1 address to one or more other addresses of your choice. To do this, you must create a file in your personal space that will tell Postfix to whom to forward your incoming mail. This file should be placed directly in your folder and be called .forward.


.forward is a hidden file.

Inside this file, all you have to do is list all the addresses to which you want to redirect the emails, separating them with a line break.

Example of .forward file forwarding to two email addresses:


It is even possible to keep your emails on your CLUB1 mailbox by adding your username to this list!

To end a redirection, simply delete the corresponding line. It is also possible to delete the file to cancel everything.

See also

The Postfix local mail delivery man page

Automatic filters#

Sieve filters allow you to automatically sort the emails you receive. These filters are applied on the server side and therefore do not depend on any client. However, each user must configure them himself.

There are two ways to edit them. The easiest way is to use the CLUB1 Roundcube web client. It has a filter management interface in its settings.

The second method is to directly edit the filter file in your personal space:


Connection information#

Connecting an email client to a CLUB1 address requires configuring multiple servers.

Outgoing email server (SMTP)#



host or


465 (default)


SSL/TSL (Implicit)

Received emails server (IMAP)#



host or


993 (default)


SSL/TSL (Implicit)



SMTP server used for email transmission. — Wikipedia, Sources


IMAP server used for managing mailboxes. — Wikipedia, Sources


Dovecot extension for Sieve and ManageSieve, allowing to configure automatic filters on the server side. These filters can be edited from Roundcube. — Website, Sources


SPF (Sender Policy Framework) processing server used by Postfix to verify the origin of incoming emails. — Source


SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) processing server allowing Postfix to forward emails while remaining compatible with SPF. — Sources


Server providing a milter filter used by Postfix to sign outgoing emails. — Website, Sources


Web client allowing to consult and send emails via SMTP and IMAP. — Wikipedia, Sources

See also

The Client Web section


CLI email client allowing you to send and consult your emails directly from a terminal. It is installed and pre-configured on the CLUB1 server. — Wikipedia, Sources