WebDAV synchro of files, contacts and calendars#


Protocol that extends the functionality of the Web. It adds possibilities of modifications and synchronization of files. Its primary use is therefore similar to a remote file system and it is possible to use it via a compatible file explorer to edit the files of your personal space as if they were present locally.

A couple of WebDAV extensions provide even more specific features:


WebDAV extension to synchronize contacts address-books.


WebDAV extension to synchronize calendars.

A debug Web interface is available at https://webdav.club1.fr. It allows you to test the connection and preview some of the information.


CLUB1’s WebDAV server is limited to files up to 1GB in size. To transfer larger files, it is better to use the SSH or FTP service.

Address-books and calendars#

The Web client used for emails (https://mail.club1.fr) also allows to access the WebDAV address-books and calendars. From this interface, it is possible to view and edit your CLUB1 contacts and calendars.

Each member has a pre-existing address book and calendar, both called Default, but it is possible to create others.


Below is a small list of tutorials to get the most out of CLUB1’s WebDAV service.



WebDAV server adapted to the needs of CLUB1 and based on SabreDAV. — Sources


PHP library providing a very complete WebDAV server. — Website, Sources