WebDAV synchro of files, contacts and calendars#


Protocol that extends the functionality of the Web. It adds possibilities of modifications and synchronization of files. Its primary use is therefore similar to a remote file system and it is possible to use it via a compatible file explorer to edit the files of your personal space as if they were present locally.

A couple of WebDAV extensions provide even more specific features:


WebDAV extension to synchronize contacts address-books.


WebDAV extension to synchronize calendars.

A debug Web interface is available at https://webdav.club1.fr. It allows you to test the connection and preview some of the information.


Le serveur WebDAV de CLUB1 est limité à des fichiers de 1 Go maximum. Pour transferer de plus gros fichiers, il vaut mieux se tourner vers le service SSH ou FTP.

Address-books and calendars#

The Web client used for email (https://mail.club1.fr) also allows to access the WebDAV address-books and calendars. From this interface, it is possible to view and edit your CLUB1 contacts and calendars.

Each member has a pre-existing address book and calendar, both called Default, but it is possible to create others.


Below is a small list of tutorials to get the most out of CLUB1’s WebDAV service.



Serveur WebDAV adapté aux besoins de CLUB1 et basé sur SabreDAV. — Sources


PHP library providing a very complete WebDAV server. — Website, Sources