SQL databases#


(Structured Query Language) A computer language for searching information in a relational database. — Wikipedia, MariaDB docs

A MariaDB instance, common to all members, is present on the CLUB1 server. Access is optional and can be added when creating the member account or later on request.

Personal databases#

You can create as many personal SQL databases as you want. These should have a name starting with your username followed by _. For example if lisa wants to create a database flarum, she will have to name it lisa_flarum.

There is currently no limit to the number of personal databases, nor to the amount of data they can contain.

Web interface#

A Web management interface provided by phpMyAdmin is available at the following address: https://phpmyadmin.club1.fr

Command line interface#

It is possible to connect to the SQL server directly from the command line. To do this, you must first connect to the server using SSH. Then, the command to start a SQL shell is the following (your CLUB1 password will be asked):

mysql -p

From this shell it is possible to launch any SQL command.

Connection information#

The MariaDB instance of CLUB1 is not accessible from outside. It is therefore only possible to connect to it from a process running on the same server.






3306 (default)



SQL database server distributed under a free license. — Wikipedia, Sources


Web interface for managing SQL databases written in PHP. At CLUB1, phpMyAdmin is directly served by Nginx via PHP-FPM. — Wikipedia, Sources