News feed aggregator (RSS/Atom)#

Web feed#
news feed#

Standardized data format that allows the consultation of a site not by a human but by a software. It is therefore a form of API. Web feeds (or “news feed”) are files that contain the latest published articles or news. They are often used by news sites and blogs.

There are several Web feed formats, including Atom and RSS (older).

The software for viewing these feeds is called feed aggregator. — Wikipedia


(Really Simple Syndication) First Web feed format. It is older and less strict than its competitor Atom. — Wikipedia


Web feed format. It is stricter and better standardized than its ancestor RSS and tends to replace it. — Wikipedia

feed aggregator#

Software for viewing Web feeds. Its purpose is to aggregate news from different sites into a single feed. It allows you to avoid looking manually and one by one at the sites for which you want to know the new content. — Wikipedia

An news feed aggregator is provided by Tiny Tiny RSS. It is accessible through the integrated Web client located at, but it is also possible to connect a native client to it.

Connect with a native client#

Before you can connect a native client, the API must be enabled in the Web client settings. Click on the menu (icon with the three bars at the top right) → Preferences…Preferences tab → General section → Check the Enable API box.

In the chosen native client, the server URL must be filled with


Below is a small list of tutorials to get the most out of Web feeds.


Tiny Tiny RSS#

Feed aggregator supporting RSS and Atom. It provides a server to collect feeds regularly, a web client to view them in a browser and an API to connect to it with a native application. It is often abbreviated TTRSS. — Wikipedia, Sources