Personal space#

CLUB1 hosting is based on the allocation of a personal space. It is a storage space on the server, which is accessible via several protocols, providing different services.

Home sweet home#

Each CLUB1 member has a personal space. This is your home, by the way, we call this folder home 🏠. But since you have all the rights, you also have the right to delete everything. So be careful, because some folders inside can be precious. For example your emails, which are in the folder mail 🤯 .

Yep, with great power comes great responsibility… 😏 You can do whatever you want there, but as your home there are also neighbors. Indeed, there is no storage limit defined per folder home of each member, but on the other hand, a physical limit: All these folders are on a SSD storage medium totaling 1To. This is a common space to be shared between users of the server.

Directory tree#

Not all folders are created equal, some have a specific role.

📁 mail#

This is where all your CLUB1 email service emails are stored. Your email space is therefore directly inside your personal space. A quota exists for this folder: it is limited to 5GB.


Be careful not to delete this folder inadvertently, you will lose all your emails stored on the server.

To quickly back up your emails, just download a copy of this folder.

📁 static#

This folder is the closest door to the Web as it allows to publish websites.

📁 git#

Folder used to host Git code repositories.

📁 log#

This folder contains all the logs produced by the services. For example those of the websites with a dedicated domain name.

A rotation is performed using logrotate on the *.log files of this folder every week and a history of 15 files per log is kept. Old files are compressed via gzip.

Presentation file#

To appear on the members page of the CLUB1 website, you must create a presentation file called at the root of your personal space.

It is possible to format your text in Markdown, as well as to change your display name and the color of your button.

See also

Tutorial: How to edit your presentation

💡 The order of the presentation buttons changes each time a member updates their presentation file!



PHP script used to generate the member page. — Source


Utility to simplify the rotation of a large number of log files. — Sources