Edit your presentation file#

A file to introduce yourself

Your home can also be used to introduce yourself. To do this, you can add to it, at the root a file called:


Everything you write in this file will be visible on the members page of the CLUB1 website.

Feel free to use Markdown to spice up your presentation! Don’t hesitate to put links to your web projects, it will allow members and visitors to discover them 🔎️.


To go further in customization, it is possible to modify some display settings. These include your display name and the color of your button.

To do this, you will need to add a few lines at the beginning of your PRESENTATION.md file.

name: Mon super prénom
color: pink

# Ma super présentation

en *Markdown*

The formatting is simple, you just have to respect the three dashes at the beginning and at the end of the metadata area. Then you can define one or more parameters.


For your information, this more or less standard syntax is called Front Matter.

  • For the name parameter, this is where you can choose your nickname with a free line of text. Take advantage of it because it is possible to put uppercase, lowercase and some special characters (even Emoji 😉). If you omit this field, your CLUB1 username will be displayed.

  • For the color parameter, you must use a web color.


    If you put in a color code, it should start with a hash # and be surrounded by quotation marks (e.g. color: "#F87716").

Create a link to your profile#

If you are satisfied with your superb presentation, it is possible to share it easily. You just need to make a link specifically targeting your presentation. For this we use an URI fragment using your CLUB1 username (# + your username).

For example, the following address will directly open the presentation of member vincent: