Privacy policy#

Our privacy commitments.

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Our commitments in the T&Cs

Security policy#

  • ⚠️ Member data on the server is not encrypted. They are therefore readable by administrators (root user and members of the sudo group).

  • Les sauvegardes sont, elles, chiffrées.

  • The protocols used to connect to the server are all encrypted, so passwords and data cannot be intercepted.

  • Personal data is protected by UNIX permissions. By default, the personal space is not accessible by other users (except for reading by members of the home group, e.g. the Web server). Everyone is free to change the permissions of their personal space.

Commitments of system administrators#

System administrators agree to respect the following points:

  • Not to access user data (personal space and databases) without their consent, except in case of restoration following a technical problem, in which case the users concerned will be notified.

  • Encryption of SSH keys.

  • Application of security best practices (replacement of default passwords, strong generated passwords, etc.).